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If your organisation, campaign or business is already aligned with the Global Goals agenda, then please use the relevant icons and assets below to illustrate your commitments.
The more that the Goals become established as indicators of progress and are used to signify a desire for change, the more likely they are to be achieved.
  • A selection of Global Goals logos
  • The individual Goals and Icon Grid
  • A link to our YouTube channel
  • Outcomes of the Goals
  • Global Goals brand guidelines
  • A library of Getty Images
  • Social Media ideas
  • Resources related to our app
  • Toolkit for websites and platforms
  • Email signatures
  • How to involve your employees

Our films to watch and embed

Global Goals Imagery provided by Getty Images

Web Optimized

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Twitter & Facebook

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Social Media

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YouTube Background Image

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Facebook Background Image

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Twitter Background Image

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Share the Goals on Facebook

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Share the Goals on Twitter

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Share the Goals on Instagram

The App

The Global Goals app

Banners and Buttons

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We Support the Goals - Various Sizes

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In 2030 - Various Sizes

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Change the World - Various Sizes

Email Signatures

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Email Signatures - Small

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Email Signatures - Large

How to involve your employees (in association with Impact 2030 and the UNF)

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